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Why Keep Alpacas?

It`s not just because they are fluffly.

It`s probably the second most asked question we get, 'Why Alpacas?`

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There are a number of reasons, mostly practical but some social:

Foremost they are social animals, and are not aggressive!
When they get to know you they are very friendly.
They are curious animals and interested in anything new and have little fear so will see off a fox or other predator just by being curious, people often keep them for just this purpose as poultry protectors as they will guard chickens from fox attacks, some people also buy them to protect their lambs in the same way.
They can be kept with ducks, geese and goats to offer protection in the same way.

Any threat to livestock and they sound an ear piercing shriek, the herd will then line up and try to corner the predator and if it is still around when cornered trample them with their forelegs, often the fox or other predator has turned and gone by this point.

They are great land managers and lawn mowers and don`t eat dense hedgerow or damage the ground, fencing or gates as some other livestock can do, they also produce good quality manure for the garden, but tend to use one or two specific places to go, making retrieval easy and tidy.
They will trim your grass as well if not better than the finest ride on mower, without the environmental impact of such a machine, and be a far better talking point.

We also keep alpacas for their fleece, these animals have the most amazing fleece, this one of the finest natural fibres that exist, if you have an allergy to wool or are looking for something many many times softer then alpaca is the answer.

If you`re a creative type their fleece offers lots of opportunity for felt and weave based crafts as it`s so very soft and cashmere like.

Some people have alpacas purely for their de-stress value, we recommend that you purchase a deck chair if your just starting out!

There are many more reasons, but the best way to understand these animals is to come down and meet them, use the contact page for details, our door is always open and the kettle is always on.

We sell Gelded males for their fleece as they will provide the softest of the alpaca wool, and for land management or pets we also sell males and females for breeding, please see our for sale page for information on animals and services available, we can also provide packages for people just starting out with full support and everything you need.




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