Moor View HQ & Valais Blacknose sheep UK

Welcome to Moor View Alpacas, we specialise in rare breed animals and unique experiences.

Welcome to Moor View HQ, We offer several different elements to our business. We very much live a lifestyle here that revolves around the animals me have.

We Breed and Sell Alpacas with 10 years worth of experience we have been through most scerinios and have good knowledge. We also run an Alpaca trekking and experiences business, Alpaca Trekking Cornwall where we have expanded into Meerkat and sheep experiences as well.

We were also the first in the UK to import the Valais Blacknose sheep from Switzerland. We have thriving flock of Valais which we show and breed and really enjoy having on the farm.

We also have our Flock of Jacobs which are rasied by Edgar, Stuarts son, he also enjoys showing the sheep and has his own facebook page Gemstone Jacobs. As well as a flock of Zwartbles which are Emma’s and keeping her sheep addiction in check.

We plan to expand into running Courses about the Alpacas and the Valais, we already run a Introduction to Valais course which we have been running in between lockdowns. We also plan to run a Alpaca Husbandry course and Alpaca Shearing course, these will be running in 2022 once we have a better idea of what we will be able to do.

We also produce our own meat produce from our Animals and more information is available about this on our meat page.